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  • Ministry of Food and Drug Safety  National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation  Regional Food and Drug Administration




Audit and Inspection Office

Criminal Investigation Office

General Affairs Division

    • Director General for Planning and Coordination
      • Planning and Finance Office
      • Organization and Management Innovation Office
      • Regulatory Reform and Legal Affairs Office
      • International Cooperation Office
      • ICT Management and Statistics Office
      • Customer Support Office
      • Emergency Planning and Safety Office
    • Customer Risk Prevention Bureau
      • Customer Risk Prevention Policy Division
      • Communication and Cooperation Division
      • Risk Information Division
      • Integrated Food Information Service Division
      • Laboratory Audit and Policy Division
    • Food Safety Policy Bureau
    • Deputy Director General for Food Standard Planning
      • Food Safety Policy Division
      • Food Safety Management Division
      • Food Safety Labelling and Certification Division
      • Health Functional Food Policy Division
      • Alcoholic Beverages Safety Management and Planning Division
      • Food Standard Division
      • Residues and Contaminants Standard Division
      • Food Additives Standard Division
    • Imported Food Safety
      Policy Bureau
      • Imported Food Policy Division
      • On-site Inspection Division
      • Imported Food Inspection Management Division
      • Imported Food Distribution Safety Division
    • Food and Consumer Safety
      • Dietary and Nutritional Safety Policy Division
      • Agro-Livestock and Fishery Products Policy Division
      • Agro-Livestock and Fishery Products Safety Division
      • Foodborne Diseases Prevention and Surveillance Division
    • Pharmaceutical Safety Bureau
      • Pharmaceutical Policy Division
      • Pharmaceutical Management Division
      • Narcotics Policy Division
      • Narcotics Management Division
      • Pharmaceutical Quality Division
      • Clinical Trials Management Division
      • Pharmaceutical Approval and Patent Management Division
      • Pharmaceutical Safety Evaluation Division
    • Biopharmaceuticals and
      Herbal Medicine Bureau
      • Biopharmaceutical Policy Division
      • Biopharmaceutical Quality Management Division
      • Herbal Medicine Policy Division
      • Cosmetics Policy Division
      • Quasi-Drug Phlicy Division
    • Medical Device Safety Bureau
      • Medical Device Policy Division
      • Medical Device Management Division
      • Medical Device Safety Evaluation Division