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Global Bio Conference

Global Bio Conference

  • The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety holds Global Bio Conference (GBC) in June every year with many experts in the field invited from home and abroad to help the domestic bio industry advance to the international market. By putting together relevant international gatherings that used to be held at different times of the year, the GBC is providing an opportunity for further cooperation and exchange of knowledge, which will help Korea join the ranks of advanced biopharmaceutical powerhouses in the world. Sharing of latest international trends and perspectives, and issues as well as experiences and insights of the experts and scholars brings utmost benefits for everyone attended, namely, those from regulatory authorities, related industries, and academia. The GBC is composed of international experts forum, regulatory workshops, seminars with experts from advanced biopharmaceuticals, vaccines and GMP, etc. invited, tailored consultation sessions with those from regulators of potential export destinations for the industry, visits to manufacturing sites, co-locating with other international conferences, and installing of booths to help promote advanced biopharmaceutical R&D achievements.

    For more details about Global Bio Conference, please follow the link http://www.gbckorea.kr

Global Bio Conference 2017, Seoul

Global Bio Conference 2016, Seoul

Global Bio Conference 2015, Songdo