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Wanting whats the best in the world,

the safest in the world,

the healthiest in the world

Because we know what the people of Korea want,

Quality meals, safe drugs, a healthy life

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety makes a promise to Korea.

Safer food and drugs, a healthier nation, a happier society

We hold your hopes up high and promise a brighter future.

We are the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.


The most important thing in our lives is the health of our loved ones.

Protecting the health and happiness of your family by ensuring the safety of food and drugs is what the MFDS is all about.

We, at the MFDS promise to be there to understand what the people want.

Safer food and drugs, a healthier nation, a happier society

The MFDS will be there every step of the way

We promise you with a mothers heart. – Oh Young-jin (Deputy Director, MFDS)

I have one daughter. Shes my princess.

Every mother hopes to give their child everything good for their body.

I think this is why Im more dedicated to my work.

I feel like it directly affects what my daughter will consume.

Food Sector

The happiness of a family begins with healthy meals.

The MFDS is responsible for ensuring the safety of a wide range of food items in our daily meals, including agricultural, livestock, and fishery products, throughout the farm-to-table food continuum.

We conduct strict inspection on imported foods at every step of the importing process, from the country of origin to customs control.

Daily monitoring of food safety information across the globe to keep harmful products from entering into the domestic market, is also an important part of the MFDS agenda.

Few things are more important than food consumed by children.

The MFDS is responsible for the safety of school meals provided by child care centers, elementary, junior high and high schools.

The ministry works hard to help develop healthy eating habits in students from a young age, for example, by prohibiting sale of high caffeine drinks in schools.

Along with food poisoning prevention measures in restaurants and highway rest stops, we promote the indication of nutrient information to help people find balance in their food.

The MFDS promise to keep our foods safe with a mothers heart is what makes daily meals safe and healthy in Korea.

We promise with a sons heart. – Senior citizen (Consumer)

As I get old, I visit hospitals more frequently because of my knee pain. I also consume more medication. I would like to use safe drugs and devices as if they were from my own son.

Go Young-ho, Scientific Officer, MFDS

Drugs/ Medical Devices

When we are sick, we depend on medication and medical devices.

The MFDS oversees every process from product development, to approval, distribution and consumption, to ensure safe and effective drugs.

The ministry also regulates the safety of medical devices such as hearing aids, implants, wheel chairs and even high technology imaging devices such as MRIs and CTs.

Medical devices such as wheelchairs, lenses for glasses, and massage chairs are under the oversight of the MFDS.

The ministry performs assessments on any health risks of using drugs and medical devices and communicates findings to the public.

Illegally distributed drugs and medical devices also fall under the radar of the MFDS.

As the pharmaceutical industry and medical device industry are new driving forces for the countrys development, the ministry establishes global level standards and provides technical advice and support for the industry. This is so that novel products such as the worlds first stem cell treatment and high technology medical devices may succeed in the international market.

The MFDS also strives to improve the quality of cosmetics directly applied to the skin and quasi-drug products frequently used in our daily lives, such as toothpaste, shampoo and contact lens solutions.

Just like a son concerned for his parent, like a father who cares for his child, the promise of the MFDS to keep everything you encounter from the minute you wake up until you go to bed safe, helps build a healthier and more beautiful life for all of us.


Safe food, safe drugs, health and happiness are what most of us consider the most important in life.

The MFDS aims to lead the way for a happier society by keeping a close eye on all food and drug products for the people, right at the base of everyday life.

Safer food and drugs, healthier people, a happier society The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety


We make one promise.

We make one promise.

We make one promise.

We make the promise to do our best to build a brighter future of hope.

We hold your hopes up high and make a promise for tomorrow.

We are the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.