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Food industry production in 2019
  • Registration Date 2020-09-21
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[The Growth of Food Industry has the reason!]
The Food Industry Production Achievement in 2019

[Let's eat more delicious and nutritional Home Meal Replacement]
Recently, the HMR market has been growing further as the number of one person households as well as the release of food products such as HMR considering consumer's convenience are increasing.
Consumption rate of HMR increased by 17.3% compared to that of 2018, showing 15.3% of annual growth rate.
2.6431 trillion won in 2017 -> 3.004 trillion won in 2018 -> 3.5163 trillion won in 2019

[South Koreans' love for coffee leads to increase in coffee production]
Thanks to Korean consumers' love for coffee, domestic coffee production amount is also growing
1,949.9 billion KRW in 2018 -> 2,102.6 billion KRW in 2019
[Low Birthrate leads to sharp decrease in infant formula production]
Low birth rate has brought about the decrease in infant formula production amount
369.2 billion KRW in 2018 -> 297.5 billion KRW in 2019

[Interest in healthcare on the rise, Related markets also see steady growth]
Amid growing interest in healthcare, the share of Ginseng products remained the highest in the market. As interest in digestive health has soared, the share of probiotic supplements increased by 45.2% yoy.
health functional food production amount grows by 12.6% yoy compared to 2018
1,728.8 billion KRW in 2018 -> 1,946.4 billion KRW in 2019

Please refer to the Press release (in Korean) on Aug. 31, 2020 for more information.
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