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Ministry of Food and Drug Safety 국민 안심이 기준입니다 YOUR SAFETY IS OUR STANDARD

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Make sure to check KF mark when buying masks
  • Registration Date 2021-11-01
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Make Sure to Check KF MARK When Buying Masks

◇ KF Mask (Quasi-Drug Product)
KF masks are Quasi-Drugs whose manufacture and distribution are regulated
by the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

◇ Korea Filter
‘KF’ is an acronym for Korea Filter, followed by certain numbers or letters referring to the performance of the mask

◇ KF Filtering Respirator
KF filtering respirators are marked with KF Grades (KF99, KF94, KF80) that indicate their filtration efficiency
They are used for the purpose of respiratory protection from source of contamination

◇ KF-Anti Droplet
Anti-droplet masks, marked with KF-AD,
are worn for daily use to prevent infectious disease transmission through droplets

- Particle Filtration
KF99 > KF94 > KF80 > Anti-droplet / Surgical

- Breathability
KF99 < KF94 < KF80 < Anti-droplet / Surgical

KF80(Avg. 0.6μm particles filtration: ≤ 80 %)
KF94(Avg. 0.4μm particles filtration: ≤ 94 % )
KF99(Avg. 0.4μm particles filtration: ≤ 99 % )

Choose the right mask that suits your needs considering your settings and situations

◇ How to Wear a Mask Correctly
▶ How NOT to Wear a Mask
- Wear the mask below your nose
- Wear the mask under your chin
- Touch the front of your mask
- Cover just your nose

● If you have to take your mask off temporarily, store it in a clean bag to prevent contamination

Make Sure to Check Quasi-Drug Product?KF Mark When Buying Masks!

* How to Dispose after Use
Remove the mask by handling the straps only, fold it with the outside in,
wrap the straps around the face panel and discard it in the garbage bag
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